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Primary Nutrition: Let Food be your medicine, let medicine be your food ~ Hippocrates
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“We make health pleasurable. It is my belief that without health it is next to impossible to fulfill and sustain life dreams (physical, spiritual, financial, relationships).” Ron Williams, President and Founder of ForeverGreen.

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Since the Dawn of Mankind
why plankton

The LegaSea Product lines contain marine phytoplankton which has been harvested on Tom Harper's sea farm in the Pacific Northwest. On this sea farm over 200 different species of marine phytoplankton thrive; a variety unrivaled anywhere else in the world. The exclusive harvesting process allows us to combine the benefits of phytonutrients with the natural and balanced combination of sea minerals.  These phytonutrients are essential, natural, plant-based chemicals that promote metabolic functions. Many exhibit potentially promising effects in human physiology.

It is ForeverGreen's foundational philosophy that lead to a collaboration with Tom Harper. Like Tom Harper’s sea farm which has returned life to the surrounding ocean environment. ForeverGreen also believes in giving back to the community and the environment. Learn more about Tom's story.

forevergreen frequensea

FrequenSeatm, a flavorful drink with marine phytoplankton in an ionic ocean tonic, available through the LegaSea line. Kathy has taken FrequenSeatm every day since 2005. Her skin is smooth and supple, she has endless energy (really she does) and she experiences deep restful sleep.

Click here for FrequenSea testimonials

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FrequenSeatm Promotes General Nutrition
  • Nourishes Eyes & Nerves
  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health
  • Promotes Healthy Skin
  • Supports the Liver
  • Supports Normal Cholesterol Levels
  • Supports the Immune System
  • Provides Energy
  • Promotes Normal Blood Sugar Levels

FrequenSeatm brings you total Earth nutrition, “By land and by sea.” It is interesting that our bodies are 70% water and the earth is 70% water, yet we attempt to get 100% of our nutrition from the Earth’s 30% land mass. Why not replenish our bodies completely with all of the Earth’s elements? FrequenSeatm is whole-food nutrition from land and sea; containing Marine Phytoplankton, Rose and Frankincense essential oils, Ionic Sea Minerals, Herbs, Aloe Vera and Astaxanthin; all carried naturally in cranberry, blueberry and apple concentrates with a twist of lime and kick of ginger. The body is a self-healing mechanism and will perform miracles by the minute when we learn to honor its innate intelligence.

                                    Nothing honors the body like FrequenSea.

This Ionic Whole-Food tastes great!

“There are few products that provide all, or even most, of the raw materials to make new cells and sustain the existing one. The problem is that we need all of them at the same time for things to work. One of those rare products that contains almost everything you need for life, and the rebuilding of a healthy life is phytoplankton. It contains the nine amino acids that the body cannot make and must be consumed in our diet. The essential fatty acids and major and trace minerals are all present in phytoplankton. In short, it contains almost everything one needs to sustain life. Therefore, it contains almost everything one needs to restore health by providing the raw materials to make new cells that function normally. It is exciting to find something that seems to contain most of the things necessary to get and stay well.” –Jerry Tenant, MD

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Coconut oil - Antibacterial, antiviral  and antiparastic like oregano oil. It is also antifungal. Boosts energy and endurance. Supports tissue healing and repair.

Oregano oil - Improves respiratory health, is a powerful antioxidant.

Marine phytoplankton - a rich whole food that is packed with nutrients.

These three blended together make for a  powerful defense against disease and infection and promotion of  good health.

 Click here to read more about ImmunEyes             Buy ImmunEyes now

legasea ZMP400

ZMP 400 is zeolite in a marine phytoplankton saline-like base.

Our zeolite is a volcanic mineral, free of soluble clay, that is extracted from the top of a highly-active environmentally clean geothermal region. Zeolites are a natural detox product, which help attract heavy metals from within the body on a molecular level.

By eliminating heavy metal toxins you can strengthen your immune system and improve your overall health.

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legasea aim A.I.M Transfer Factor supplies key nutrients to support the body at the cellular level. Healthy, strong functioning cells will result in a strong healthy body. It supports the antioxidant, immune and metabolic systems of the body.  Transfer Factor components include: Proline-Rich Polypeptides, Vitamin D3, Fucoidan, Thymus Factors, Zinc, Reservatrol Quercetin and Pomeranate, Mushroom Extracts, Yeast Beta Glucans and Ascorbic Acid, Alpha3 CMPtm  Marine Phytoplankton, Alpha Lipolic Acid, Curcumin, Bioperine, and Glutamine and N-Acetylcysteine.

Click here to read more about A.I.M.

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legasea pure Over the years many have benefited from the marine phytoplankton found in FrequenSea. PURE is for the purist who have heard Tom's Story and just want a simple more concentrated form of marine phytoplankton. Contains 50 mg marine phytoplankton in 2 ml. It also contains a multi-mineral super concentrate extract from nutrient rich ocean water.

 Click here to read more about PURE          Buy PURE now

SecreSeatm (Skin Care) is no longer available at this time


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legasea azul maid Azul is a whole-food drink that is complete, concentrated and convenient.

Azul is a high anti-oxidant powder mix of fruit, vegetables, marine phytoplankton and pro-biotics. It has an ORAC value of 1480 per serving.

It comes in a compostable light weight package. It is easy to carry and is eco-friendly.

By whole-food we mean 100% real with nothing artificial, no flavorings, no preservatives and no pasteurization that destroys the health benefits of raw fruits and vegetables.  The  whole raw fruits are air-dried at room temperature to retain all their nutritional goodness.  It is then pop-granulated which turns it into a  powder that  mixes well with water.  THAT'S 100% REAL FOOD!!! Besides fruits that are high in anti-oxidant this blend contains  marine phytoplankton (Alpha 3 CMP).  This is opened celled wild marine phytoplankton.  It also contains micro-encapsulated pro-biotics.

Check out these videos on AZUL:  The Old Man and the SEA   &   AZUL - First, Best, Final Say

The definition for Food:
any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk, or otherwise taken into the body to sustain life, provide energy, promote growth, etc.
  • a particular kind of solid nourishment: a breakfast food; dog food.
  • >whatever supplies nourishment: to organisms: plant food.


In short AZUL is a 100% NOURISHING SUBSTANCE that is delicious !!!

Click here for more info on this Complete, Concentrated, Convenient FOOD.

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* FIXXtm is a convenient, organic meal replacement shake that will ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, digestive enzymes, protein, even a fruit and vegetable blend.Start your day with this delicious drink.


  * FORMtm will help curb your appetite with a gastric bulking agent that expands in your stomach.

FORM is bio-inert, meaning it doesn’t interfere with your body’s natural chemistry; in fact it doesn’t interact with your body on a molecular level at all.Instead of using harsh stimulants, it works naturally with your body. FORM is a safe and simple way to take control of your eating habits


Click here to read more about FIXX    Click here to read more about FORM

Click here to read how lives are being changed

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Pulse-8 has L-Arginine plus eight heart-felt super ingredients:

L-arginine is known and studied to be a blood flow enhancer which addresses premature cardiovascular aging, supports healthy sexual performance, and may even aid in achieving less body fat.

Vitamin B Complex (B3, B6, B9, B12) – Naturally high in antioxidants, also beneficial for overall health and higher levels of energy.
Vitamin C – Antioxidants like Vitamin C help to combat free-radicals in the body, ultimately helping the body with anti-aging and in return helping the cardiovascular system.
Vitamin D – Helps regulate the calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood by promoting their absorption from food in the intestines, and by promoting re-absorption of calcium in the kidneys.
CoQ10 – Helps support organs with the highest energy requirements, such as the heart and the liver, which have the highest CoQ10 concentrations.
Inulin – A natural sweetener which is also a good source of soluble fiber, that may help lower blood cholesterol and glucose levels.
Acai – Acai berries have been found to be some of the highest antioxidant foods on the planet. The antioxidants they provide have beneficial effects throughout the body not just the heart.
Pomegranate – Pomegranates provide superior antioxidants that inhibit LDL oxidation, which supports arterial wall strength while enhancing the activity of the enzyme responsible for converting l-arginine to nitric oxide.
Red Wine Extract – Science has proven that grapes are signature foods as they are high in antioxidants that in turn are beneficial for your heart and cardiovascular health.

Click here to learn more about Pulse-8      Buy Pulse-8 now

ElectriFire ElectriFire is an exclusive combination of safe energy and natural health. ElectriFire gives you the energy you need to create the life you want today. Fuel the fire within you while supporting your overall health.

ElectriFire utilizes ForeverGreen’s patent-pending technology to take natural plant concentrates and render them water-soluble, making them instantly
bioavailable in the body.

Click here to learn more about ElectriFire           Click here for a complete ingredients list  

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smartsaltz Nutritionist tell us to cut down on salt when actually we should avoid salt that has impurities. SmartSaltz does not have impurities so it can help your body the way that salt was meant to. Salt is a vital nutrient for the body make sure you are getting the right kind.

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Thunder in a bottle? Yes! And the name quite accurately describes the impact and benefits to your body. Thunder is a healthy protein drink made with 24 Karat Chocolatetm, vitamins, enzymes, probiotics and whey protein. It nourishes the body with essential nutrients.

                “I absolutely love Thunder. I had been looking for a way to supplement my diet without having to take a bunch of pills. Thunder is delicious it can be taken with milk, soy milk or water. Thunder contains proteins, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, 72 trace minerals, digestive enzyme blend and probiotic blend. Without Thunder I’d be sluggish and not as mentally alert. When I turned 40 I discovered what a difference supplementing my diet could make. I tried a company that had excellent products that were in powder form, but I had to buy several different products to get all the vitamins, minerals and protein. I was so glad to find Thunder and I haven’t yet found anther protein health shake that is comparable. It’s whole food and it’s healthy. Thunder has also helped with muscle strength and toning.” Jeanne Golberg


“I started taking Thunder at the end of February, 2005.I originally started just to help boost my health. I didn’t eat breakfast, so I started having 2 scoops of Thunder with 8 ounces of water for breakfast. After being on Thunder for 1 month I noticed my clothes fitting looser. I’ve been taking Thunder for 2 years now and have been able to maintain a 15-pound weight loss. I have an increase in my energy level and I feel great. Thank you so much for this great program!” Mary Grove

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TRUessence From Our Hands to Yours ...With Love

          "My husband sometimes gets "sour stomach" (as he calls it), for which he'd typically take Tums or some antacid. A few months ago, I had him try a drop of peppermint oil -- he put it on a spoon and licked it off. Almost instantly, his stomach felt better. For a bit of a skeptic, this made a believer out of him.

Now, he reaches for the peppermint oil anytime he experiences sour stomach and gets the same instant results every time! "

                    "I am so grateful for the Basil oil!

My baby girl was very sick with high fevers and acting very lethargic. I had been overlapping tylenol and motrin all day, and it was barely keeping her fever below 100. That night, I gave her another dose, and we fell asleep with her in my arms. In the middle of the night,  I woke up to her jerking and then screaming in my arms. I had never experienced seizures before. Her fever was blazing again.  She kept jerking around in my arms and then screaming until the jerking began again. I thought of my oils and remembered a story I had heard about basil oil helping seizures.  I put basil oil on the bottom of both of her feet. Immediately, the seizures slowed down. Within 2-3 minutes, they had completely stopped and her fever was broken.

A few months later, she awoke in the middle of the night again with a fever that quickly escalated and the seizures started again. I put basil oil the bottom of her feet again with the same results.

Now, I put basil on with the first sign of a fever before it gets hot enough for seizures. She hasn't had any since. And basil always gets her fevers to break faster than anything else I have ever used."

                   "My thirteen year old son was diagnosed Bi-polar/ADHD several years ago.  Part of this illness is having very disturbing nightmares, so bad that he dreaded going to sleep.  I thought they would go away with the medication he was given.  But no matter what we have tried, those nightmares continued.  Then I was introduced to Clara and the ForeverYoung Essential Oils.  She recommended Quiescent.  The very first night my son tried it, he had a peaceful sleep!!  He is eager to use Quiescent every night because he no longer has to fear any more nightmares!"
Erin G., Michigan

(Erin's son just puts one drop on his forehead at the hairline and the back of his neck)

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TRUessence The Perfect 10 Kit

Whether you are new to essential oils or are already familiar with them The Perfect 10 Kit is right for you. Included in this kit are 3 of the most used and versatile essential oils, 3 powerful blends and 4 HYDRessence products.

Essential Oils: Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint
Proprietary Blends: Cairo Care, Defense, Quiescent
HYDRessence: White Dragon, Green Dragon, Red Dragon, Rainmaker

Click here to read about using essential oils of lemon and peppermint for the liver

Buy The Perfect 10 Kit now

TRUessence Single Oils

Single Oils: Balsam Fir, Basil, Bay Laurel, Bergamot, Black Pepper, Black Spruce, Birch, Carrot-Seed, Cedarwood, Chamomile, Cinnamon Bark, Clary Sage, Clove Bud, Coriander, Cypress, Dill, Eucalyptus Citriodora, Eucalyptus Globulus, Eucalyptus Radiata, Fennel, Frankincense, Geranium, Ginger, Grapefruit Pink, Helichrysum, Jasmine 10%, Juniper Berry, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Mandarin-Green, Mandarin-Red, Marjoram, Myrrh, Myrtle, Niaouli, Neroli 10%, Orange, Oregano, Palmarose, Patchouli, Peppermint, Pettigrain, Ravensara, Rose 10%, Rosemary ct Cineole, Rosemary ct Verbenone, Sage, Sandalwood, Scotch Pine, Spearmint, Spikenard, Tangerine, Tea Tree, Thyme ct Linalool, Thyme ct Thymol, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang Complete

Carrier oils: Message Jojoba and Message

Click here to learn more about these single oils

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TRUessence Blended Oils

Blended Oils: Cairo Care, Charity, Cherished Space, Compassion, Defense, Delight, Dragon's Fire, Dream Weaver, E-Motion, Ease, Exchange, Finishing Oil, Focus, Fysical Thera P, Gratitude, Grief, Relief, Guardian, Healer's Heart, Hepatox, Hope, Joy & Abundance, Kid's Wellness, Moon, One Vision, Passion, Quiescent, Spice of Life, Sun, TLC, Transformation

Transformation  Transformation moves us to evolve and grow. It is a catalyst to empower you to take action, even when afraid. This blend focuses the mind on moving forward in a meaningful and joyous way. Ingredients: 100% pure, premium-grade, organic and wild-crafted essential oils of  Dolphin Spirit, Compassion, balsam fir, black spruce, elmi, clary sage, inula, cistus landiferous, Gratitude, pachouli, spikenard

Click here to learn more about these blends   

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Kathy has taken the effort through many hours of classes and seminars to increase her understanding of essential oils.

If you have any questions about any single oil or blend call Kathy at 612-272-8332.
Or you can email her with your question at
She would be happy to guide you in how essential oils can best help you.

TRUessence HYDRessence

HYDRessence - Plant Life Concentrates 

Exclusive AMP* Process

ForeverGreen uses a natural, environmentally conscious CO2 extraction process to capture every nutrient from the whole plant –without destroying its nutrients. This unique process preserves the essential oils, resins, and powerful antioxidant-rich phtyonutrients of the whole plant. *The AMP process is a technological breakthrough, emulsifying the plant components and rendering them water-soluble, making the nutrients bio-available in the body.

Dragons are a concentrated blend of whole plant extracts created for specific health needs. White Dragon for building the immune system, Green Dragon for pH balance, Red Dragon & Yellow Dragon for mental and physical energy and Black Dragon for mental stamina.

Rainmaker a blend of floral flavors that infuses energy and life into your body..

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